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name size date description
214.zip 156 2006-06-02 Driver for Windows Vista32/XP/2000/9x/NT4.0
CTX405Manual.pdf 1973 k 2004-02-26 Manual for CTX405
wpa_under_xp.pdf 37 kB 2007-09-03 How to use WPA under Windows XP
Inst-405-SuSE93_GB.pdf 98 kB 2006-11-14 Installation instruction under SuSE 9.3
Inst-405-Mandriva2006_GB.pdf 79 kB 2005-12-23 Installation instruction under Mandriva 2006
WPAinLinuxwithNDISWRAPPER_GB.pdf 98 kB 2005-12-23 How to use WPA with NDISWRAPPER und Linux
link zu ndiswrapper 2006-12-08 There you will find the actual ndiswrapper.
link zu wpa_supplicant 2006-12-08 There you will find the actual wpa_supplicant
Inst-405-SuSE102_GB.pdf 94 kB 2006-12-22 Installation instruction under SuSE 10.2
CTX405_spec.pdf 388 kB 2006-11-09 Specification for CTX405
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